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Our Leadership Team

Executive Directors


Gopika SenthilKumar

Gopika SenthilKumar is a MD-PhD student at the medical college of Wisconsin. She is passionate about encouraging the next generation of students to pursue a career as a physician scientist. In her free time, she loves trying new restaurants, hot yoga, and boxing! 


Matheus Moreira S. Peraci

Matheus Moreira S. P. is a DO student at TouroCOM in New York. He is passionate about public health and medical education by facilitating access to knowledge through mentorship.  You can find him at the gym, cooking or on a couch watching Netflix!

Publicity Directors

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Kalina Tenorio L. Machado

Kalina is from Brazil and studies at Emory Medical School. In her work hours she works as one of  F1 Doctors directors, coordinate a student-led clinic and represent LMSA. In her free time she love to travel and go for runs!

Nicole Belliard.png

Nicole Martuscelli

Nicole is a Brazilian medical student at Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University who has volunteered at F1 Doctors since the organization was founded. Nicole is passionate about mentorship and education, having helped numerous pre-meds apply to medical school, and sharing her experience in our social media accounts.

Mentor Relations Directors

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Deepali Bhalla

Deepali is a MD student at Medical College of Wisconsin. She is a huge art, swimming, and coffee geek as well as being a proud pug mom of one. She is also a foodie who is trying to learn how to cook, currently mastered layered Biryani and Butter chicken! 


Navaz Shroff

Medical speech pathologist turned aspiring physician. Avid international Latin ballroom dancer. Self proclaimed NYC bagel and dessert connoisseur- contact me for recommendations. 
Current life goal - relearning Chess 

Mentee Relations Directors


Scarlett Cheon

 Scarlett is an international student from South Korea who has lived most of her life in Shanghai, China. She deferred her M.D. program at Tulane School of Medicine to pursue a Master of Medical Sciences in Immunology at Harvard Medical School. Outside of research and medicine, you can find her looking for new experiences/restaurants to try out.


Sean Backer

Sean Backer is a Swedish-Iranian DO student at Nova Southeastern University. His goal is to improve the pathways for internationals into US healthcare and promote diversity in medicine. Being the holistic medical student he is, he also enjoys working out, learning languages, and drawing.

Educational Resources Directors

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Shada Sinclair

Shada is a second year MD student at Stanford Med and an avid art enthusiast! Outside of medicine, you can find her tending to her growing houseplant plant collection. 

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Zenzhou (Zach) Zhao

Zach is a second year MD-PhD student at Harvard Medical School. When he is not working towards a career as a physician scientist, you can finding him cooking, working out, or going to a plant store!

Technology Directors

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Abubakr El Sobky

Abubakr is an international student from Egypt. He is currently pursuing a Computational Biology and Bioinformatics major at Connecticut College. Outside of academia, he likes running, traveling, and photography.

Raissa_Graduation Photo.JPG

Raissa Zuim Dantas de Souza

Raissa is an international student from Brazil, currently teaching A&P as an adjunct instructor at Nebraska Wesleyan University. She loves anything that gets her moving. She is passionate on sharing excellence between people, through service, knowledge, experiences.

Graduate Outreach & Events Directors

Wendy Lee.jpg

Wendy Lee

Wendy is an MD/PhD student at the Emory Medical School. She is a sourdough bread business owner, an avid hiker, and a columnist for a Taiwanese online media platform who enjoys grocery shopping more than any other leisure activity. 


Venkat Suru

Venkat is a DO student at Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Virginia. He is passionate about promoting diversity and creating spaces to have difficult yet insightful conversations. In his free time, he loves to travel, explore nature, and is always down to watch a good psych-thriller!


Kamelia Drenkova

Kami is from Bulgaria and works at NYU Langone Health. Kami does translational clinical research investigating the role of platelet activity on cardiovascular disease. In her free time, you can find her exploring the food scene in NYC, playing board games with her friends, or traveling.


Zhengyang (Kevin) Sun

Kevin is a Chinese international student currenting working as a research technician at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. He likes eating good food and cooking (not so good) food and practice various kind of martial arts in his free time. 

Undergraduate Outreach & Events Directors

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