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We try our best to keep our resources up to date and organized for your convenience. It is recommended that you take your time going through our links, media and finances pages prior to reaching to our mentors. Make sure to write down any questions or topics that you need clarified while browsing through the resources provided.


Please note the information provided IS NOT comprehensive. Please consider contacting the schools that you are applying to as well as banks individually. We do not endorse any of the options provided and simply wish to give you basic information about the application process, financing options and more.

Links & Documents

Read important documents and links from various resources highlighting how the application process works for international students. Here you can also find lists of schools that currently accept international students as well a list of current post baccalaureate programs. 


This page contains information about financing options for international students. Note that this is a complex topic that should be thoroughly researched and applied to your specific situation. As such, use the resources provided as a starting point to guide you in your research.  


Check out some of our recorded panels, useful youtube channels and more!


Check out our amazing podcast created, edited and hosted by Zenzhou (Zach) Zhao and Raghavee Neupane.


Our Blog is a unique collection of texts written by leadership members, mentors and mentees. Follow the link on the Blog page if you wish to submit an essay to be published on our page!

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