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Gabriela de Queiroz Campos

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Gabi is a first-year student at Yale School of Medicine from São Paulo, Brazil. In 2019, she received her B.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience from Brown University where she spent many hours in the sleep lab investigating the relationships between sleep and pediatric ADHD symptoms. She continued her research on this topic for her master’s in Psychology, which she also received from Brown University. During her time at Brown, Gabi also played drums in an Afro-Brazilian percussion group and volunteered in a variety of clinical settings. Most memorably, she was a recovery room volunteer at the Providence Planned Parenthood clinic. Gabi is very passionate about women’s health and reproductive rights and hopes to continue her work in this area throughout medical school. Talk to Gabi if you have questions about getting clinical exposure, finding a community, or anything related to going through the application process as an international student!

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