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Quang Le

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Quang came to the United States in 2015 to finish the last year of high school before completing his B.S. in Molecular Biology at University of Texas at Dallas. While at UT Dallas, Quang was a student leader at the UTD Office of Student Volunteerism, a scribe, a teaching assistant, and volunteered regularly at local hospitals. He was also involved in his personal project of translating medical records from Vietnamese to English to help late-stage cancer patients from Vietnam seek second opinions from US MDs. Quang’s undergraduate research interest was diverse. During his freshman year, he worked on Vagus Nerve Stimulation Implants. Subsequently, in his sophomore and junior years, he worked on public health, specifically on Lyme Disease and usage of online search engine data to evaluate patient’s concerns. In his last year of college, he interned at University of Texas Southwestern Emergency Medicine Department, participating in various clinical research and drug trials. Talk to Quang regarding medical school applications, volunteering opportunities during undergraduate or any other aspect of medical school admission process.

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