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Our Committees

Our Committees work directly with their respective team director and assist them with their current tasks. The committees are comprised of medical, dental and undergraduate students that seek to help the international community while getting a deeper understanding about each of the role of each team director

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Preksha_s picture.JPG

Preksha Kukreja

Preksha studied biomedical engineering and is currently a research assistant at Brigham and Women's Hospital. In her spare time, she loves to read, write poetry, and hunt for peculiarly shaped earrings!

Raghavee Neupane.png

Raghavee Neupane

Raghavee (she/her/hers) is a first-year MPH candidate at Boston University. She is originally from Nepal. Raghavee completed her undergraduate majoring in Microbiology with Pre-Med at Miami University. Outside of academia, Raghavee loves to workout, bake, listen to podcasts, and try out new cafes in the city.


Donovan Butler 

Donovan studies Neuroscience and Biochemistry at Rice University. In his free time, he enjoys going on runs, playing basketball, and reading.


Swarnima Rjal

Dr. Swarnima Rijal, MBBS, graduated Kathmandu Medical College from Nepal. She is interested in Internal Medicine and passionate about teaching and mentoring. Her hobbies include doing exercises in gym, walking, doing skincare and watching movies

Educational Resources


Krishna Gajjar

Krishna is an undergraduate pre-med student from Kenya. She is an avid neuroscience enthusiast. Outside of academia, you will find her binge-watching Netflix shows, running, or dancing.


Dia Bhatla

Dia Bhatia is studying Biology at Penn State University. She is excited to be a part of F1 Doctors and says that this website has helped her so much in gaining motivation and has helped her find a community! She hopes you join us too! 


Sonia Frida.jpg

Sonia Ndifon

Sonia is a third year Biomedical Engineering student at West Virginia University. Outside of school and being a premedical student, you can find her binge-watching a Netflix show on her couch or reading a book.

Glory Tomi John.jpg

Glory "Tomi" John

Glory “Tomi” John is from Nigeria, and she recently graduated from Loyola University New Orleans with a Bachelor’s in biological sciences. On her days off from work, she enjoys taking a break in nature, reading a book, watching YouTube videos, or traveling.


Namratha Abhisara Appaji.jpg

Namratha Subbaiah

Namratha is a former engineer from India who decided to pursue medicine after moving to the United States in 2015. She graduated with a post baccalaureate degree in Biology from University of South Florida. She is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys cooking, sketching and acrylic painting. She has been a shutterbug since discovering my love for photography. She aspires to become an internist and be of service to the underserved community.


Alper Kilci

Before joining F1 Doctors, he talked to many mentors to navigate my medical journey and highly benefited from their past experiences. When he found out that I can join their team, he was thrilled to do the same and help grow this lovely community. 

Mentor Relations

Mentee Relations

Sharon svarghese.JPG

Sharon Varghese

Sharon is a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Outside her program, she loves working with children and reading. Hit her up for book recommendations!


Illiad Nazari

Illiad is an international student at the University of North Dakota and he enjoys talking about Psychology. You can find him learning languages, eating Turkish foods, and going for walks. He is also a Netflix expert, so you can ask him for recommendations

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