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Zhengyang Sun

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Zhengyang (Kevin) is an international MD/PhD student at Thomas Jefferson University (Sidney Kimmel Medical College). He is originally from Qingdao, China, and went to the US for college at the age of 18. He pursued double majors in Human Biology and Society (BS) and Asian Studies (BA) and minored in Biomedical Research at the University of California, Los Angeles. During college, he identified a strong interest in basic cancer biology research, where he studied the role of autophagy in melanoma's tumor microenvironment. Therefore after graduation, he took two gap years to further work as a research technician on cancer immunotherapy target screening, and testicular cancer's resistance toward chemotherapy, in Boston and Champaign IL respectively. Besides pipetting and petting his favorite lab mouse, he also enjoyed volunteering in the emergency room and conducting health check-ups/interpreting for APIDA communities in the greater LA area.

Talk to Zhengyang/Kevin about research, community service/social justice and medicine, founding student organizations, MD or MD/PhD, or literally anything that you like (such as food, Lakers, Taylor Swift, MMA, League of Legends, or more food).

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