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Youyun (Peter) Zheng

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Youyun (Peter) is an incoming first-year medical student at HMS from Shanghai, China. He received his undergraduate degree in Biology and Computer Science from Emory University. During his time in college, Peter conducted bioinformatics research at Emory University School of Medicine and MD Anderson Cancer Center on topics including clinical trial dosage recommendation, breast cancer radio-genomics, and metastatic osteosarcoma genomics. He was also a supervisor AEMT at Emory EMS. After graduation, he has been working at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for 2 years focusing on projects in clinical cancer genomics, biomarker discovery, liquid biopsies, and machine learning. Outside of work, Youyun enjoys cooking, reading, brewing coffee, and playing the ukulele.</p><p><em>Talk to Youyun about taking gap years/looking for jobs as an international student, non-traditional applicant route, applying MD/PhD, research opportunities in the US, and any other international pre-med related questions!</em></p>

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