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Xin Qi

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Xin is a medical student at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. After 18 years in Shanghai, China, Xin pursued their undergraduate education at UC Berkeley and received a B.A degree in Molecular and Cell Biology. During their education at UC Berkeley, Xin dedicated their time to the He Lab studying the function of retrotransposon elements in mouse embryo pre-implantation development. They received Evans Memorial Prize and I.L. Chaikoff Awards for their academic and research efforts. Apart from research, Xin taught undergraduate biology as a UGSI, and they also volunteered as an EMT in the San Francisco General Emergency Department, various concert venues, and fire evacuation centers. Xin is also passionate about reducing healthcare disparity by serving as a healthcare interpreter and interpretation instructor. They held leadership positions in the Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps, Volunteer Health Interpreters Organization, and Rock Medicine. Xin elected to not take a gap year and proceeded directly to medical school. At DGSOM, they are pursuing multiple research opportunities and creating a medical mandarin course. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Xin volunteered at the San Francisco Field Care Clinic as a medical student, performing patient care and COVID testing. In their free time, Xin is a FAA certified private pilot, and they sing and play guitar for recreation. Talk to Xin about their experiences, going straight to medical school, or the MD application process.

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