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Sirwoo Kim

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Born and raised in South Korea, I moved to the U.S. to study biomedical engineering at Georgia Tech in the hopes that I could find a technique or design a device that could benefit the health of millions of people. However, I soon realized that biomedical engineering lacked the humanistic aspect that I craved - so I turned my goals toward becoming a physician. To be sure that I wanted to become a doctor, while furthering my undergraduate research interests in cardiology and oncology, I decided to take on gap years by working in clinical research in Boston. For the past three years prior to the start of medical school, I worked in both cardiac amyloidosis clinical trials and also more invasive/aggressive CAR-T trials that focused on tackling various types of myeloma and lymphoma. Now having started medical school in a completely different region of the United States than what my college and my gap year entailed, I hope to be able to also help a fellow international student who is just as aspirational, curious, and as determined to pursue a medical career in the States, especially since I understand how difficult the journey has been for myself.

Please reach out to me directly to be connected to my social media, as I do post quite often on Instagram.
In my free time, I like to go ice skating and have also recently taken on hot yoga. I also love to cook, and my latest dishes and creations tend to make it to my Instagram stories. I have found cooking as an immense stress reliever especially during COVID, and in addition to giving my hands something else to do (other than clicking on the Anki 8bitdo remote) it has helped me make great friends, start conversations easily, and spread awareness about my culture. Each new recipe that I take on feels like a little creative challenge I give towards myself - the reward being a tasty dish, that is.

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