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Shada Sinclair

Shada Sinclair_edited.jpg

Shada Sinclair is a Jamaican MD candidate at Stanford University School of Medicine. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University in 2016 and spent four years after graduation pursuing diverse interests. At Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Shada worked as a research technician while also conducting independent projects investigating HIV drugs designed for topical Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in women. After her time at Einstein, Shada ventured to the Dominican Republic to serve as a volunteer at the Elizabeth Seton Center, a non-profit providing nutritional, educational, and social services to the resource-limited community of La Saona, Bani. There she was able to combine her passions for education and the arts by serving as a teacher's aide while also producing artworks for the classrooms, dining areas, and offices. Outside of medicine, you can find Shada indulging in the arts. She is an avid painter working in oils and acrylics as well as a crochet jewelry designer. She shares her work on Instagram @folasadesworld. Talk to Shada if you have questions about being an artist, first-generation, low-income, or following a non-traditional path!

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