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Rubee Sandhu

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Rubee is an international student at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. She received her B.S. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in 2019. Rubee was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and lived there till the age of 7, at which point she moved to Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. After another 7 years there, her family moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where she completed high school. Though she has been living state side since 2011, she has yet to receive a green card and remains under Visa status along with her family. As a result, she has applied to undergraduate and graduate programs as a fully international student. Rubee has a lot of experience with the visa process and the economic hurdles that come with it. Her parents have worked non-stop since moving state side to keep their business going and keep up with immigration proceedings. As a result, Rubee has stepped up to deal with many of her families visa proceedings herself.
During her time at UMass-Amherst, Rubee was a part of the Biology Talent Advanced Placement Program that stemmed out of UMass-Amherst’s Commonwealth Honors College. On top of this program, she participated in psychology research on Borderline Personality Disorder, volunteered through Big Brothers Big Sisters, aided in hurricane relief efforts in Lumberton, North Carolina and volunteered as a rape counselor. Throughout undergrad and into dental school, Rubee has also worked as a babysitter and tutor for families on the side. Rubee began college as a pre-medical students and did not discover dentistry as her passion until the end of her sophomore year. Still, she was able to apply and gain admission to all schools she accepted interviews too (8 total - All American) and progress onto dental school right after graduating undergrad.

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