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Riddhi Badamia

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After graduating from dental school in India, Riddhi embarked into her dream of getting engaged in Public services. She served as chair of the dental wing in Indian Red Cross Society of the local chapter. She was motivated to advance her passion for public services and dental education in the US. Thus, she started her journey by joining the Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine as an MPH degree candidate, studying Global Health Systems administration and policy. During her time at Tulane, Riddhi was involved in several research projects at the LSU Dental School and Tulane University School of Medicine as well as LSU Children's Hospital in New Orleans. Currently, she is in her second year of residency program at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. At HSDM, she is part of Harvard's Global Health Initiative: India Oral Cancer Project as well as Oral infectious diseases research. Riddhi is also interested in working in the field of entrepreneurial Dentistry. She was the president of the International Students Board at Tulane and general secretary of Tulane IOTA - Interfaith Organization for Tolerance and Acceptance. Apart from academics, she has equally inculcated artistic and athletic skills. Riddhi holds a bachelors degree in classical music and Black-belt in martial arts. She enjoys mediation in daily life

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