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Oranicha Jumreornvong

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Oranicha (Natty) Jumreornvong graduated from Stanford University, where she was named Public Service Scholar. She is currently a medical student and early assurance Flexmed Scholar at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Her interest is in technology, rehabilitation, medical education and diversity. She co-founded a company that implemented EHR system for hospitals and mobile clinics in South East Asia, advised for Thailand’s first assistive technology curriculum for STEM universities, and disability empowerment act. She received funding from Abilities Research Center to run clinical trials for health technology companies. She assisted the deployment of Precision Recovery, a remote patient monitoring program, for COVID-19 patients across 5 Mount Sinai affiliated hospitals. She led the PPE international donation efforts to NYC hospitals, co-authored COVID-19 disability guidelines, and conducted COVID-19 research. She was also appointed the national coordinator and regional director of Social Impact 360. She is the president of the PMR interest group at Mount Sinai and former president of the Huntington Disease’s Outreach Project for Education at Stanford. As a Thai queer immigrant woman and the Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Representative for the American Association of Physiatrists’ Medical Student Council, she is passionate about diversity research, curriculum development, and mentorship of LGBTQIA+ students, minorities, students with disabilities, women, and international students. She is also an opinion writer for New York Daily News and a recipient of the Social Innovator Award from the Princess of Thailand. Talk to Natty if you would like to know more about applying for medical school, getting involved in research and extracurriculars.

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