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Nicole Belliard Martuscelli

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Nicole is a Brazilian medical student at Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University (Class of 2023). She received a BS in Biochemistry and Nutrition at the University of Miami in 2019. During her time as an undergraduate student, Nicole pursued many passions: from founding a student organization to help cats and researching inherited neurological conditions in zebrafish to volunteering at a needle exchange program and shadowing physicians. She managed to apply to medical school straight out of undergrad, balancing the application process, school, MCAT studying, research, volunteer work, and somehow still maintaining an active personal life. For her, an essential aspect of a medical school application is showing how your activities and passions can contribute to your career as a physician, no matter how varied they may be. Since being accepted to SKMC, Nicole has earned a green card. However, she feels it is her duty to help and support other international pre-meds through the process of applying. She loves giving online advice and answering questions (to the best of her ability) whenever she can because she wished that was available to her when she applied. Feel free to chat with Nicole about anything! She's able to answer questions about the application in general, PS/activities/secondary drafting, mock interviews, interview tips, and much more!

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