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Mehitabel (Metty) Markwei

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Metty grew up in Accra, Ghana, before leaving for Yale University, where she majored in Medical Anthropology and minored in Global Health. During her time at Yale, Metty served as President of both the Yale African Students' Association (YASA) and the Black Church at Yale (BCAY), where she prioritized authentic leadership, selflessness, and a desire to see minority students succeed. She was crucial in launching many Yale-Africa initiatives, including the Sankofa54 conference, a service initiative to Ghana, an alumni conference in Ghana, the Yale Young African Scholars Program, and the Obama Young African Leaders Initiative. Metty's contributions earned her numerous awards, including the Howard Hilgendorf Memorial Award, Vanguard Leader Award, and Janifer Lighting Award.

After Yale, Metty earned her Master of Science at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, specializing in Reproductive and Cancer Biology. She was honored with the Delta Omega Alpha Academic Society induction and the Lifetime Achievement Award for academic excellence, research, and community service.

Metty went on to attend medical school at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine (CCLCM), where she received several awards, including the Cleveland Society of Ob/Gyn (CLESOG) "Overall Best Medical Student in Ob/GYN award," the Gita Gidwani Ob/Gyn Award, and the Academy of Medicine Education Foundation's (AMEF) medical student award. During her time at CCLCM, she founded the Minority Maternal Health Initiative, which was a student-led patient-navigator program serving Black and Hispanic pregnant patients.

As an Ob/Gyn resident at Stanford University Healthcare, Metty remains dedicated to her academic, research, and community service pursuits. She enjoys reading fiction and narrative medicine, taking long walks and hikes in beautiful weather, writing, cooking, and volunteering. Metty is always happy to discuss topics such as Africa, global health, humanities in medicine, serving minority communities, and reproductive health.

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