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Harshika Thard

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Harshika is an international student from India enrolled in her first year at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine (PDM). In 2023, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Eberly College of Science, Penn State University. She was a Schreyer Honors College scholar at Penn State, where she also founded and was the president of the Baking Club, was an active member of the Pre-Dental Society, and worked as a tutor and a teacher's assistant. In addition to her involvement in extracurricular activities, she devoted time to conducting research in an animal sciences department laboratory specializing in reproductive biology with the aim of advancing infertility treatments. Her research centered on determining the effect of pharmaceuticals on the maturation of oocytes and the function of potassium in that process. It wasn't until her second year of undergraduate study that she became passionate about effecting change in the field of dentistry, after which she realized the lack of education and awareness surrounding dental care. She is enthusiastic about exceptional research initiatives and the dual degree program at Penn Dental. Harshika is deeply committed to volunteer work, assisting those who are underserved, and sharing knowledge regarding orofacial pain and proper oral hygiene. She enjoys cooking, baking, dancing, listening to music, and playing board games during her free time.As a senior, harshika applied to and was accepted to a dozen public and private dental schools, in addition to receiving several scholarship offers.

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