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Feranmi Bello

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Feranmi is a Nigerian at Dartmouth Medical School. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology at Howard University, Washington, DC. During her time at college, she was a member of the Health Professions Society and a volunteer at the Food for all DC. She also worked as an undergraduate research assistant in a Neurophysiology lab studying the effects of the antidiabetic drug metformin on Alzheimer’s disease. Following her undergraduate degree, Feranmi interned at the Cancer Immunology department at Genentech Inc., San Francisco. She then worked as a Research Assistant at the Pulmonary Medicine department at the University of California San Francisco, where she researched the underlying mechanisms of Asthma. Feranmi is passionate about mentoring international premedical students and research targeting underrepresented populations. Talk to Feranmi about working in a neurophysiology lab and applying to medical school as an international applicant!

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