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Eunice Bajomo

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Eunice is a first-generation medical student at the University of Utah School of Medicine. She graduated summa cum laude from Southwestern University with a B.S in Biochemistry. As an undergraduate, Eunice participated in Analytical Chemistry research on basil that was recently accepted for publication in the Society of Nutrition and Food Science (NFS Journal). Eunice also worked as a general chemistry tutor during her time in college, where she was able to successfully help pre-medical students with challenging concepts. Eunice was also a recipient of the M.D. Anderson Pre-Med Scholarship, Mood Scholar Award, Bishop Ernest T. Dixon Scholarship, Alpha Phi Omega Scholarship, and the Turner M. Caldwell Scholarship. Following her undergraduate degree, Eunice worked as a medical scribe at a busy Ophthalmology clinic in Texas. In this position, Eunice gained exceptional clinical skills that helped her shine in her medical school application and interviews. Eunice was accepted into a multitude of different medical schools and received multiple scholarships, with her biggest scholarship award being from the Underrepresented in Medicine Scholarship at the University of Utah School of Medicine. Eunice chose to become a mentor in hopes to help other F-1 students navigate medical school applications and scholarships.

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