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Enrico Ferro

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Dr. Enrico G. Ferro is a resident physician in the Department of Internal Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, and is pursuing a career in cardiology. He graduated summa cum laude from Yale College in 2014, where he was the recipient of the Alpheus Henry Snow Prize; he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Medical School in 2018, where he served on the Admissions Committee for the M.D. program.
Dr. Ferro’s interest lies at the intersection of clinical outcomes and health policy, both in the U.S. and globally. At Harvard, he is developing an expertise in using nationwide clinical registries, insurance claims database and traditional clinical trials data to evaluate the real-world efficacy of novel cardiovascular drugs, devices and health policies in the U.S. For this work, in 2019 he was recognized as one of the American Heart Association Young Investigator Award finalists in the Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Council.
At the international level, Dr. Ferro has conducted research and fieldwork to improve treatment outcomes with a focus on vulnerable populations in Peru, Malaysia, and Togo; he was among the recipients of a $40,000 Global Grant from Rotary International to implement water sanitation and vocational training in India; more recently, he has been collaborating with a team in South Africa to quantify the burden of cardiovascular disease and help restructure local health systems. Dr. Ferro was selected by the World Health Organization to collaborate on assembling their list of essential medical devices for cardiovascular care in developing countries.

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