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Derrick Obiri-Yeboah

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Derrick hails from Kumasi, Ghana where he attended high school before starting college at Hope College. While at Hope College, Derrick studied Chemistry and conducted research in the labs of Dr. Vollbrecht and Dr. Sanford. His work with Dr. Vollbrecht centered on understanding the effects of junk food diet on executive functioning such as working memory. His later work with Dr. Sanford focused on the synthesis and utilization of redox mediators in glucose biosensors. Derrick was also very involved in the mentoring of high school students during his time at Hope, often teaming up with low-income students from different walks of life to draw up strategies to achieve their college dreams. Having always been a lover of the humanities, Derrick is currently pursuing his Masters in Bioethics and Medical humanities concurrently with his medical degree at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. Talk to Derrick about ethics, philosophy, navigating college/ medical school as an international student! And whatever else you want to!

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