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Christine Yiwen Yeh

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Christine is an incoming MD/PhD student at Stanford University School of Medicine. She holds a B.S.H. in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology and an M.S. in biomedical informatics, both also from Stanford University. At Stanford, Christine conducted interdisciplinary research in the labs of Dr. Sharon Pitteri and Dr. Michael Snyder focusing on leveraging integrative, personalized multi-omics data to understand human health and diseases. She was heavily involved in leading Pacific Free Clinic, a student-run free clinic serving underprivileged patients in San Jose. She also held summer internships at pharmaceutical companies, such as Genentech. Christine took 3 years between the completion of her M.S and medical school to work for a computational biochemistry firm called D. E. Shaw Research (DESRES) in New York City. At DESRES, Christine applied computational biochemistry and statistical modeling techniques to accelerate drug discovery for complex chronic diseases. One of the molecules that she helped develop, is now in clinical trials for patients with advanced metastatic tumors. Outside of science and medicine, Christine enjoys making ceramics, leisurely bike rides, and teaching elementary school math to children from underserved communities.

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