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Ava Yap

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Ava was born in Ottawa, Canada and moved to Hong Kong when she was one year old. She spent her childhood there and came to the US for college at Johns Hopkins University, where she obtained a major in Biology and a minor in psychology in 2013. She participated in medical mission trips to Peru and Ecuador during her college years. After witnessing the healthcare inequity in low-middle income countries, she decided to dedicate her efforts towards global health advocacy and academics. She then attended Yale School of medicine from 2013-2018, and spent an extra year conducting research in Uganda focused on expanding pediatric surgical capacity, and became passionate about surgery as a field. She is now a general surgery resident at University of California San Francisco, and will plan on pursuing global surgery as a career path in her future. She is currently on an H1B visa and is in the process of applying for a green card. She enjoys drawing and making music with her bandmates in her spare time.

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