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Alena Bashinskaya

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Being born and raised in Moscow, Russia, I decided to move to the USA at the age of 18 by myself to pursue my career as a physician. "I graduated from the University of South Florida Bachelor's Program with Summa Cum Laude majoring in Biomedical Sciences and minoring in Biomedical Physics. Afterwards, I completed one-year Masters Program in Medical Sciences at the University of South Florida. Finally, after applying to the vast variety of medical schools I got accepted to the Nova Southeastern University Kiran Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2020. My ultimate dream specialty is Dermatology because I am so captivated by the multitude of cutaneous manifestations and their resemblance among each other in many diseases . The ability to accurately diagnose a patient by utilizing only one instrument - your eyes, makes me so excited about this field. I am currently working on several Dermatology case reports, serving as an Admin of Public Affairs for the Student Government Association, and holding a Social Media position in the Student Dermatology Association on campus. I am excited to share my experience as an international student from Russia, and I am so grateful that such platform exists because it is a wonderful tool for connecting brilliant individuals who will become colleagues very soon!

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