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Qiyu Zhang

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Qiyu is a medical student at Harvard Medical School from Guangzhou, China. He received his BS degree in Biology from Brandeis University. During his college years, he developed interest in neuroscience research and went on to graduate school and received his PhD degree in Neurobiology from Harvard University. His research focused on cortical development in college and genetically encoded electron microscopy reporters in graduate school. These genetically encoded electron microscopy reporters have enabled investigations of previously intractable questions in multiple laboratories around the world. Outside of research, Qiyu was also involved as a teaching fellow for several medial school courses, and as the treasurer and clerk for a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the scientific literacy of middle and high school students.

Talk to Qiyu about being a pre-med in the US, navigating the medical school application process as an international student, and applying with a non-traditional background!

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