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Vicky Yau

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Vicky is an international student originally from Hong Kong China. During her time at Mount Holyoke College, MA, Vicky worked for both the Office of Admissions for international outreach and recruitment, and Student Health Services as a medical scribe; she has also spent time in a lab conducting research on macrophage involvement in pregnancy-associated uterine apoptosis. After she obtained a degree in Neuroscience & Behavior, Vicky took a gap year to travel and volunteer at multiple hospitals, medical facilities and nursing homes in China before committing to Stony Brook for the DDS program. At the dental school, Vicky discovers her research interest in orofacial pain and trigeminal nerve injuries, while she serves as the president for two student clubs. During her free time, Vicky enjoys skating, horseback riding and is working her way to become a state-level women’s gymnastics judge.

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