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Tim Niyogusaba

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Tim is a Rwandan student at Emory Medical School. In 2018, he received his undergraduate B.S in Biology, with a minor in Psychology from The University of Charleston (WV). During his time in college, he took part in many extra and intra-curricular activities, including Student government, residence life and many others. As a Senior in college, he also began a 1-year internship with the West Virginia Bureau of Public health in the division of infectious disease epidemiology, which culminated in a publication with the WV Academy of Sciences (WVAS) and a research award in UC’s biology department. Following his graduation, Tim continued to work for the Bureau of Public Health for another year as a Hepatitis surveillance and data analysis intern, until he matriculated at Emory in July 2019. Talk to Tim about working in student government, working for the state public health department or applying as a Rwandan.

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